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November 13, 2020 Dear colleagues,

nurse_feature.jpgThis week marks Nurse Practitioner Week. Clearly, this year continues to be a challenging one for everyone, including nurses around the world who are directly involved in the response to the global pandemic. As I said during Nursing Week, I am continually humbled and inspired by the nurses I have the privilege to work with at Baycrest, nurses who have demonstrated exceptional care, commitment, passion and leadership in the face of these difficult circumstances.
In recognition of the unique role of nurse practitioners, I wanted to commend these staff members for their professionalism and team work here at Baycrest. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Baycrest’s Outreach Teams have needed to quickly adopt, adapt, and deliver new clinical practices and programs. Our nurse practitioners catalyze these changes. These nurses' willingness to deploy their unique knowledge, skill and ability to oversee care and prescribe treatment build up the whole team's professional practice and confidence amid uncertainty. Baycrest's nurse practitioners empower the outreach teams to undertake: care in the virtual environment, essential home visits, mobile COVID-19 swabbing, influenza immunization in seniors housing buildings, remote monitoring of COVID+ patients, and whatever new patient care needs the pandemic sends us next.
Thank you, nurse practitioners, for everything you do, and know that your work has a profound impact on our patients, residents and their families.
As is our practice, we will celebrate and recognize all of our staff during Baycrest’s Interprofessional Collaborative Care: Education & Practice Week (dates to be confirmed).
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