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March 27, 2024 At the forefront of senior care innovation, the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged at Baycrest exemplifies a commitment to quality, personalized care and resident engagement. By prioritizing the dignity, safety and well-being of its residents, the Centre has become a vibrant community dedicated to enhancing the lives of older adults.
The Centre's philosophy is reflected in the feedback from the 2023 Quality of Life Survey where 86 per cent of residents reported feeling safe, 85 per cent felt their voices were heard and 82 per cent appreciated their autonomy.
Deb Galet, Vice-President, LTC, Ambulatory and Chief Heritage Officer, connects this feedback to the Centre's actions, stating, "Our journey puts residents first, prioritizing their safety, autonomy and well-being. The survey affirms our efforts, guiding our continuous dedication to excellence."
Highlighting the Centre’s commitment to recreational activities, 236 residents enjoyed 32 outings to locations like High Park and the Royal Ontario Museum. Residents expressed their joy, with one noting, “I love the St. Lawrence Market, when are we coming back?"
The year also featured events such as regular visits from the Ester Exton daycare program, Intergenerational Chanukah performances, concerts and plays and a variety of other cultural programs, showcasing the Centre’s efforts to create a vibrant and inclusive community. These activities not only offer enjoyment but also promote intergenerational engagement and cultural diversity, embodying the Centre's philosophy of fostering meaningful connections and personalized care.
Following this emphasis on recreational enrichment, the integration of ActivityPro software in June 2023 marks a significant enhancement in the Centre's approach to resident engagement. This platform allows for tailored, efficient planning and assessment of activities, ensuring each resident's preferences and needs are met. By leveraging such innovative technology, the Centre can monitor and improve satisfaction levels continuously, underlining a commitment to enriching residents' lives through cutting-edge solutions.
Mide Seyi-Ajayi, Executive Director of Long-Term Care, emphasizes the purpose behind integrating technology, stating, "It's about creating meaningful connections and ensuring our care is personalized and impactful."
This approach extends beyond activities to a comprehensive care strategy that includes reducing the use of antipsychotic medications and emphasizing non-pharmacological interventions, such as music therapy and aromatherapy, tailored to individual needs. Over the past year, through comprehensive medication reviews, interdisciplinary collaboration and behaviour management strategies, the Centre achieved a marked decrease in the percentage of residents on antipsychotics without a psychosis diagnosis, from 24.9 per cent to 19.05 per cent, surpassing the target rate.
The Centre’s holistic approach to care, which blends evidence-based practices with alternative therapies, underscores a deep commitment to person-centred care. This dedication is further exemplified by our involvement and leadership in the Seniors Quality Leap Initiative (SQLI), a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing quality in senior care through sharing data and best practices. As part of the commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, the Centre utilizes the interRAI surveys for international benchmarking. These efforts have positioned the Centre as a top performer in the SQLI network, notably achieving better than the top 20th percentile in the percentage of residents who reported participating in meaningful activities.
Engagement with clients, residents and families is central to the Apotex Centre's mission. The Centre values and incorporates feedback through various channels, fostering an environment where everyone is seen as a partner in care. This collaborative approach enhances the quality and relevance of the services provided, ensuring they resonate with the needs and preferences of the community it serves. The introduction of new recreational, cultural and spiritual programming has been instrumental in reviving the community spirit, demonstrating the Centre’s agility in responding to the evolving needs of its residents.
Moreover, addressing workplace violence and prioritizing staff well-being are critical components of the Centre’s strategy. Initiatives to create a safe and positive work environment not only contribute to employee satisfaction but also enhance the quality of care provided to residents. The Centre's efforts in this area underscore the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, where the welfare of staff and residents is paramount.
As the Centre continues to embrace health equity and conduct cultural needs assessments, it remains dedicated to tailoring programming to the diverse backgrounds of its residents. While maintaining a faith-based designation as a Jewish home, the Centre’s commitment to inclusivity and respect for diversity is a testament to the its vision of providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all.
At Baycrest's Apotex Centre, every older adult is empowered to live a life with purpose, inspiration and fulfilment. Learn more about initiatives, participate in upcoming events and witness the difference quality care makes in the lives of older adults and their families. Through innovative practices, a commitment to quality improvement and a dedication to community engagement, the Apotex Centre continues to set benchmarks in senior care, embodying a journey toward excellence and innovation. For more information and resources please visit our Quality of Life Surveys page.
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