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February 28, 2017 I want to thank Baycrest supporters from all across our great community for the wonderful welcome I’ve received from so many of you during my first month as the new President and CEO of the Baycrest Foundation. More importantly, thank you all for your continued generosity in helping us expand care services and advance critical research and innovations into brain health and aging. It cannot be said enough – we could not do it without you.

At its heart, Baycrest is about community. Founded nearly a century ago by compassionate (and passionate) visionaries who saw a need to provide care for our elderly, it continues to thrive globally as an example of caring excellence.

The care Baycrest offers today traces back to every dollar you’ve given, every hour of time you have volunteered and every effort you have made to encourage others to consider Baycrest Foundation as a charity of choice. These acts propel us in our vision of the future – a focus on innovations in brain health science and the education of healthcare professionals to care for the next generation, and generations to come.

I look forward to meeting with you over the course of the year. We have an exciting year ahead; one in which we will launch new campaigns that will help increase support of the important work being done daily by the caregivers, scientists, clinicians, volunteers and all the staff at Baycrest.

The need for funding in our fight against dementia and to promote brain health for all Canadians has never been greater.

An estimated 564,000 Canadians are living with dementia. By 2031, this figure is expected to rise to 937,000 – an increase of 66 per cent. Currently, the combined health-care system and out-of-pocket costs of dementia is estimated at $10.4 billion. By 2031, this figure is expected to increase by 60 per cent, to $16.6 billion.1

Together, we will reach our common goal – ensuring a future where healthy, happy aging is the norm. Because of you, we are not only adding years to life, but life to years. Thank you for your support of Baycrest – it means so much to so many.

Please consider making a contribution in support of our mission to transform the journey of aging into one of optimal well-being and cognitive health at every age. For more information or to donate, visit the Baycrest Foundation website.


Josh Cooper Signature

Josh Cooper
President & CEO, The Baycrest Foundation

[1. Alzheimer Society of Canada 2016]
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