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September 15, 2022 Dear colleagues,

On behalf of our staff, students, volunteers, clients and their families, please join me in honouring our Environmental Services staff for International Environmental Services Week (September 11-17).
This week reminds us of the importance of these hard-working healthcare professionals, composed of housekeeping aides, janitors, porters, linen aides and mail attendants. Throughout all the challenges of the last few years, these staff members have remained resilient and dedicated.

Environmental Services Week is a time to show appreciation for the EVS personnel that ensure healthcare facilities across the country are clean, safe places for patients, their families and other staff members. Their knowledge and skill not only keep our facilities running smoothly but also help support positive client outcomes. Now is the time to reflect on and appreciate the commitment of these professionals, and acknowledge their contributions.

Please join me this week and beyond in thanking all the hard-working Environmental Services staff at Baycrest.

Scott Ovenden
President and CEO, Baycrest Hospital and Long Term Care Home
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