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March 03, 2020 Dear colleagues,

On behalf of our staff, students, clients and their families, please join me in honouring Baycrest’s pharmacy staff during Pharmacy Awareness Month 2020.

Baycrest’s pharmacy team, consisting of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, makes a positive impact on care as trusted medication experts by ensuring medication is effective, safe and tailored to the individual needs of the patients/clients;  providing education on medication use and medication devices; and ensuring timely access to medications.

At Baycrest, pharmacy services are provided in the hospital, at the Terraces and in the Apotex. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are important members of the interprofessional team, engaging with patients, clients, residents and families to help them work towards better outcomes and optimizing medication management.

We will celebrate and recognize all of our staff during Baycrest’s Interprofessional Collaborative Care: Education & Practice Week, however, this month  I encourage you to please take a moment at any time, and especially during this week, to say “thank you” to the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on your teams in recognition of all the great work they do.

Scott Ovenden, BPE, BSc(PT), MHSc
Vice President, Clinical Programs and Corporate Performance and Long Term Care (Interim)
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