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April 28, 2022 Dear Colleagues,
National Physicians’ Day (Sunday, May 1) is an opportunity for all of us to recognize and celebrate the important contributions our physicians make.
While this day occurs every year at this time, for the third year running, we are celebrating during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for all that our doctors do every day and for their steadfast commitment to our patients, residents and families — never more so than as we navigate these challenging times.
The contributions of our physicians to the well-being of our patients and residents are profound and deeply appreciated, spanning work in our Hospital, Apotex, Terraces, and ambulatory and outpatient clinics. Our physicians provide exceptional client and family-centred care, lead innovation and research efforts, teach the next generation of doctors and are expert and trusted resources on our interprofessional care teams.
As we thank our physicians, we also recognize and thank the teams of committed nurses, personal support workers, and all other healthcare staff who are critical to ensuring that our patients and residents receive the best possible care. It is thanks to the teamwork of our dedicated physicians and other healthcare professionals that we are a centre of excellence in caring for older adults.
Please accept our sincerest thanks for the exceptional work you all do and for the passion with which you do it.
Scott Ovenden
President and CEO,
Baycrest Hospital
Gary Naglie
VP, Medical Services and Chief of Staff,
Baycrest Hospital
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