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June 12, 2014

Baycrest’s memory experts have developed a free online brain health test that will help those in the 50 to 79 age bracket put their worries about memory changes to rest. “Our aim with the brain health test is to reassure the worried-well and nudge that small percentage of people who do have serious memory issues to discuss their concerns with a doctor,” says Dr. Angela Troyer, program director of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Health, and a lead member of the research team that developed the test.

The Rotman Research Institute’s clinical neuropsychologists joined with its cognitive scientists to develop the tool, and recruited 300 adults for lab testing ahead of the tool’s launch. While the brain health test is not a clinical diagnosis, it acts as a “thermometer for the mind” that can help determine whether or not memory concerns should be discussed with a doctor.

The test is marketed by Cogniciti Inc., a for-profit brain health solutions company co-founded by Baycrest and MaRS Discovery District. The development of Cogniciti was supported in part by funding to Baycrest through the Ontario Brain Institute from the Technology Development Program of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. To take the Cogniciti brain health test, visit the Baycrest homepage at 

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