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Living with dementia (Canada)
  • The website will provide you with information about maintain safety of individual suffering from dementia in the home and community. Information on driving issues, safety in the home/community, and preventing older adult abuse.
National Institute of Aging (USA)
  • Provide information about safety issues and give strategies to manage different safety issues in appropriate manner.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Helps you make your home a dementia friendly environment.
Alzheimer Society Ontario (Video) (Canada)
  • Provides strategies on how to deal with dementia behaviour to ensure they can remain active.
Older Driver Safety (Canada)
  • List warning signs to identify signs of unsafe driving.


Health Talk (Video) (UK)
  • Caregivers giving tips and strategies on how to manage the changing behaviours of individual suffering from dementia.
Saint Elizabeth (Canada)
  • Gives 6 important tips on providing care at home for dementia.
Cogniciti (Canada)
  • Resources to help you provide the most effective care possible for dementia.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Providing information regarding making decisions and supporting your loved one during the decision making process.
NIH Senior Health (USA)
  • Gives advice on how to make decision regarding legal and financial issues.
Baycrest (Canada)
  • Provides information on advance care planning and provide a guide.


Alzheimer Society (Video) (Canada)
  • Video guide for caregivers providing information on dementia.
Alzheimer Society (Video) (Canada)
  • Training module to help you care for a person with dementia at home.
Alzheimer Society (Video) (Canada)
  • Shows the importance of incorporating music into the lives of person suffering from dementia.