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Art Cart at Baycrest

The ‘art cart’ project brings art to the living spaces of Baycrest’s clients and makes art part of their everyday activities.  
The programs offer a different approach to art as a meaningful therapy tool and as a primary medium of communication. Stories, memories, thoughts and feelings can be expressed and explored using different materials, imagery, colour and shape.

The structure of the programs enables clients to have maximum autonomy, choice and control over the creative process. The Group formats provide opportunities for social interactions and social skill building and allow for a sense of belongingness and increased solidarity. Clients do not need previous experience or skill in arts.

The ‘art cart’ consists of 4 different weekly Art Therapy programs  

Two rotation programs in the Apotex: are designed to be small and intimate and are open to all family members and companions. This creates an open, welcoming and supportive space for clients and their care team. It also offers a meaningful and creative way to communicate with the clients.

Two ongoing programs in the Hospital:
 A program in the Psychiatry inpatient unit offers a psychotherapy group that is open to all patients in the unit. This group offers a combination of art and dynamic discussions and invites patients to explore some of the challenges they face living with mental illness.

A second program is open to patients from all other units. In this group art serves as a bridge between the internal and external worlds. Art is used to integrate and to support a cohesive experience in the service of healing and rehabilitation.

Programs are facilitated by Merav Gilboa (a Creative art specialist and an Art therapist) and with the great supported of TR staff, Volunteers& Students.