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April 25, 2022 The week of April 25 is National Volunteer Week. We would like to acknowledge and thank our volunteers for their ongoing support and commitment to Baycrest.

Before 2020, Baycrest’s 2,000 volunteers spend 90,000 hours each year collectively donating their time to engage with clients, patients and staff. We look forward to the return of our volunteers in the coming weeks and would like to welcome everyone back. If you are interested in volunteering with Baycrest, you can learn more here.

We would also like to recognize and thank our virtual volunteers for the many hours they have given this year as Baycrest Buddies, Virtual Tech Support Volunteers and through their participation on committees, with virtual program facilitation and more.

Below, three of our dedicated volunteers share their experience returning to the Baycrest campus, and why they chose to volunteer with Baycrest.

Eden-Marco-Headshot.pngEden Marco, Baycrest volunteer
“I have had so many amazing experiences volunteering at Baycrest for over six years now. The pandemic has definitely made volunteering a bit more difficult, but the dedication from staff and fellow volunteers has made this experience a positive one. Since returning on-site, I have been able to see and interact with many familiar faces and have had so many engaging conversations with residents that I haven’t seen in months. Due to the extensive screening protocol Baycrest has implemented, I always feel safe on-site and comfortable engaging with residents. Additionally, Baycrest supplies all of its volunteers with ample PPE, which puts me at ease. For all volunteers who are on the fence about coming back on-site, I can assure you that it is a good idea. Residents have been isolated for months on end, and they need your support more than ever.”

Rosalind-Headshot.pngRosalind, Baycrest Volunteer
"I returned to volunteer at Baycrest about a month ago. Pre-COVID, I would interview volunteer applicants, and help place them in meaningful volunteer opportunities. Presently I am helping to facilitate the return of former and new volunteers by encouraging them to complete the onboarding process. I was very excited to return, but I had some hesitation due to Covid! I was quickly comforted by the protocols in place for all personnel, visitors, and volunteers. Most importantly, I felt safe. The residents are doing well with no Covid patients for some months now. Safety is the primary concern of every decision being made.I hope to return to return to my role as a volunteer interviewer in the near future. In the meantime I am so pleased to be of help to Tehila and Camille in some small way to rebuild our volunteer force as it was and perhaps even better than in pre- pandemic days."

julia-brcko.pngJulia Brcko, Co-Op Student
“Being a volunteer at Baycrest excites me in the mornings and leaves me feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. I am beyond grateful for every experience and encounter that I have there. While learning and facilitating, I am also obtaining workplace experience that will be incredible on my resume and aid me in future jobs.
I feel so safe at Baycrest because there are many health and safety protocols. There is a mandatory screening. We wear Baycrest issued masks, and there are sanitizer dispensers everywhere. I know that as long as I follow all of the health and safety measures, I have nothing to worry about.
To any volunteers or students who may be hesitant about coming to Baycrest, I am confident in saying that it is a safe place because of the rules and regulations. I strongly encourage you to come to Baycrest. Residents need us to brighten up their days and staff need us to support their initiatives.”
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