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May 18, 2022 Personal Support Workers (PSWs) collaborative with physicians, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team to deliver exceptional patient care and contribute meaningfully to the patient and family experience. Throughout the pandemic, the essential services provided by PSWs have been instrumental in keeping our residents and patients safe and well cared for.

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional commitment and contributions of our PSWs, especially in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic. We are honoured to work with you in providing the best possible care for our residents and patients.
We spoke with members of our Apotex team to learn more about how the role has changed during the pandemic.
LaFleur-(1).JPGLaFleur Joyette, Personal Support Worker
“I’ve become a comedian,” LaFleur quips when asked about the changes to her role since 2020. “I’ve got to make everyone laugh.”

She’s been with Baycrest since 2017, and admitted that she started her role because her father always told her to do what she loved so she never had to work hard a day in her life. “I, personally, love my job.”

On fears and anxieties she says, “you throw fear out the window. You’re here to do a job, and you do that job no matter what!”

ANgela.JPGAngela Simpson, Personal Support Worker
Residents sometimes credit Angela with caring for them as if they were her own relatives, and she admits that she loves them right back. “You get attached,” she smiled. “You can’t help it.”

During the pandemic she has seen friendships between PSWs and residents deepen. Residents will ask where their preferred worker has been if a PSW takes a holiday, and PSWs will be treated to the story of a resident’s day when they return.

Regarding the pandemic, Angela explains that it gave her some anxiety. “Sometimes you come in knowing that a resident is ill, but the resident still needs care,” she explained. “But you realize your value, and how important of a role you play. You’re facing life and death but you still come, even though you feel anxious.”

Dorn.JPGDorn Fevrier, Personal Support Worker
Dorn has been with Baycrest for four years. “You have a responsibility,” she notes, sharing that her care includes necessities like breakfast and showers.

The pandemic, however, has made her a lot closer with residents, allowing her to build bonds and provide better care, “you have to have that rapport.”
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