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Dan Yashinsky

Our first Artist-in-Residence is Dan Yashinsky, a professional writer and storyteller. Dan has worked and taught in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia for almost thirty years. Locally, he has held residencies at Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education, UNICEF Canada, Toronto Public Library, and Storytelling Toronto.

In one of his recent publications, Dan notes:

There is a strong and growing interest in the way stories frame and flow through our everyday lives, anchoring identity, preserving heritage, and building intercultural bridges. We’ve come to realize that we can’t double-click on wisdom. The human race has never found a better way to convey its cumulative wisdom, dreams and sense of community than through the art and activity of storytelling. Through writing and storytelling, Dan engages with clients, families, and staff to capture and share individual, team-based, community, and organizational stories! He is with us two afternoons/week, generously funded by a donor, in honor of their family member.

To learn more about Dan’s work, visit The Star to read his articles: