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Discussion groups provide opportunities for reminiscing, for creative expression, and socializing. Involvement in these groups helps our residents to exercise their thinking skills and build relationships, while sharing their unique histories and experiences. Therapeutic recreation staff offer a wide range of groups on the residents’ floor. These include current events, music appreciation, storytelling, poetry, and other more culture specific groups e.g. Hungarian Club, Italian Club.

Psalms of Comfort

Six Psalms that can Change our Lives: The author of the book of Psalms understood the depth of human emotions in time of joy and of crisis. His inspiring words can help transform the way we think about life’s struggles and bring new meaning and purpose to our lives. Come explore with Rabbi Geoff six of these Psalms and the message each conveys about facing the obstacles or struggles in our lives and how to overcome them by reframing our experiences.

Ethics for Our Time

We live in an age of moral relativism when people tend to do what they feel is right for them. But is it right for all? Rabbi Geoff explores contemporary ethical issues from a Jewish perspective.

Torah Class

Off-floor groups include a weekly Torah class lead by one of our community rabbis and is attended by clients from the Apotex, Hospital and Terraces, and a number of Baycrest volunteers. This group of 8-12 clients and volunteers are actively involved in shaping the content of their sessions.

Yiddish Discussion Group

A bimonthly Yiddish discussion group includes both hospital and Apotex clients. The group, run with the help of a Yiddish speaking volunteer, engages in Yiddish readings, poetry and discussion. Part of the program involves a musical concert in Yiddish, shown on DVD.