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Baycrest IP Policy


Baycrest is committed to enhancing the present and future care and well-being of its patients and clients. This Intellectual Property Policy (the “Policy”) is designed to assist Baycrest in achieving its mission of service to the community by promoting the needs of the elderly by assuring that the maximum public benefit and public use is gained from the intellectual property made by Baycrest personnel.

The intent of this Policy is to promote excellence in research and innovation and the application of new information and technology to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease in a manner consistent with academic excellence by encouraging the commercial development of Baycrest’s intellectual property and to ensure that individual inventors and departments appropriately share in the proceeds from the commercial developments of such intellectual property.

Before filling out the Baycrest IP disclosure form, thoroughly review the IP Policy.


Baycrest IP Disclosure Form


An IP disclosure is a written description of your innovation formally submitted to BIO. It includes information about novel aspects of the innovation, contributors, and public disclosures. The Baycrest IP disclosure form is made of 2 parts. Part A is required for all new innovations and IP. It is very short and simple to fill; it is used to determine how BIO can best assist you and keep track of all the Baycrest IP.