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Music Share for Seniors is a charitable organization dedicated to reducing older adults' social isolation through individualized

music-based programs. The organization connects older participants with trained program facilitators who lead personalized music listening sessions either one-to-one or in small groups. The organization specifically focuses on individuals who are dealing with a form of dementia, while also supporting residents and patients managing other physical and/or cognitive limitations that may increase their risk of becoming isolated.

During the sessions, older adult participants enjoy music playlists that are catered to their personal histories and preferences, in an effort to elicit moments of lucidity and reconnect them with positive memories associated with familiar music. The program is designed to be accessible to older adults who may be unable to participate in currently available programs due to physical and/or cognitive limitations, and encourages ongoing participation by providing regular social interactions and familiar music that holds personal significance. The Culture & Arts Department at Baycrest started collaborating with Music Share for Seniors in April of 2023 and plans to continue programming in both the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged and Hospital, to bring personalized music to our residents and patients.

“Music Share for Seniors is not just any regular program, they support residents everyday by building a human connection and this is done through a passion for music. By customizing playlists specific to each resident, it allows residents to open up about interests, reminisce about the old days and overall boost morale and mental health." Stephanie Seguna Resident & Family Experience Coordinator at Weston Terrace Care Community

“My experience with Music Share has changed how I think about future work opportunities in the long-term care sector, by showing me that this is work I am able to do despite my physical disability. It has also shown me the kind of work that I enjoy doing with seniors and the kind of work I should look for in the future, as well as the kind of programming that seniors enjoy and find meaningful. Although I had expressed an interest in working with seniors, I did not realize how rewarding I would find the involvement and interactions I’ve experienced thus far.” Natasha Byrdine Volunteer at Music Share for Seniors.