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How does Baycrest avoid medication errors? How can you help minimize the risks?

Baycrest is committed to ensuring accurate and safe medication administration. On admission, a comprehensive approach is taken by various team-based clinicians to gather medication information and create a Best Possible Medication History. Clients and families are encouraged to bring in ALL medications, even it taken only occasionally, including over-the-counter, herbals, and vitamins. Clients and families are encouraged to be involved in the process. Based on this information and other sources, admission medication orders are created. At Baycrest, we have a computerized physician order entry of prescriptions and conduct team-based regular medication reviews assisting the effectiveness and safety for each client. 

At Baycrest, a comprehensive interprofessional assessment approach helps determine the cause of the pain, and the proactive development of a client-centered care plan to ensure safe pharmacological management of the client's pain.

Please speak to your pharmacist, nurse or physician whether you are a client or family member when a change in wellbeing is noticed that could be a medication side effect, or when you have any questions about the medications.