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May 02, 2024 Toronto, ON — Baycrest is proud to announce that Dr. Gary Naglie has been honoured with the 2024 Ronald Cape Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Geriatrics Society. This prestigious accolade recognizes Dr. Naglie’s exemplary contributions to the field of geriatrics in Canada, acknowledging his leadership and innovation throughout his distinguished career.
Dr. Naglie's journey in geriatric medicine began after graduating from McGill University in 1983, leading him through years of dedicated service and research. "From the moment I started my residency training, I knew that geriatric medicine was my calling," said Dr. Naglie. "My passion for improving the quality of life for older adults has only grown stronger with each passing year."
Dr. Naglie’s contributions have been extensive, including his roles as a clinician scientist at the University Health Network and the University of Toronto, and later as Chief of Medicine and Vice President of Medical Services at Baycrest. He has also been instrumental in advancing geriatric care models and addressing key issues like dementia and driving safety.
"His commitment to geriatric medicine has been nothing short of inspiring," said Deb Galet, President and CEO of Baycrest Hospital. "His outstanding impact on our community and the field at large is truly commendable. On behalf of Baycrest, I extend heartfelt congratulations to Gary on this well-deserved recognition."
Dr. Naglie's influence extends beyond clinical care into significant research and mentorship roles. His work with the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging and his leadership with Dr. Mark Rapoport in developing the Driving and Dementia Roadmap ( are notable highlights. This web-based resource has assisted thousands globally, helping families and healthcare providers manage the complex challenges of dementia.
As Dr. Naglie reflects on receiving the Ronald Cape Distinguished Service Award, he emphasizes the collaborative nature of his achievements: "This honour is a reflection of the collective effort of countless mentors, colleagues, collaborators, students and patients who have enriched this journey. I am grateful for their support and for the opportunity to contribute to a field that affects so many lives."
Dr. Naglie continues to lead and inspire in geriatric medicine, driven by a commitment to excellence and compassion in patient care, teaching, research and innovation. His work not only honours the legacy of pioneers in the field but also sets a formidable benchmark for future generations.
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