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April 11, 2021 Baycrest mourns the passing of one of the fathers of the RRI, Dr. Louis Siminovitch, who passed away last week. Dr. Siminovitch was an outstanding Canadian scientist who made a number of important discoveries in the fields of genetics and molecular biology. He had a major influence on research at Baycrest through his friendship with the late Joseph Rotman, namesake of our Rotman Research Institute. Rotman, in consultation with Dr. Siminovitch, decided that setting up a research institute focused on age-related cognitive problems would be appropriate for Baycrest, and would complement other types of research in Toronto. Once the RRI was established, Dr. Siminovitch continued to influence the evolution of the institute with his deep knowledge of science and of science policy. A warm and caring individual, Dr. Siminovitch also insisted on maintaining the highest standards for the RRI. To read more about his life and accomplishments, please click here. Baycrest extends its sympathies to the family and loved ones of Dr. Siminovitch, and to all who had the pleasure and honour of working with him.
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