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March 08, 2023 Every day, women who work at Baycrest play an integral role in the organization’s success. They lead teams, care for residents, research brain health and create and innovate new ways to provide care.

Women across Baycrest took the time to share what motivates them, who inspires them today, and who they hope is looking up to them now.

Myrna.pngMyrna Benderoff
Therapist, Physio, Professional Practice and Pharmacy - Physiotherapy

“I’ve worked at Baycrest for 35 years. Why so long? Because Baycrest staff is a caring family to both staff and clients.

Over the years I’ve been inspired by many different people all of whom have a  strong work ethic and  demonstrate their empathy to others no matter what position they are in and this includes the floor maintenance, doctors, nursing, administrative, and allied health.

What motivates me is being able to increase the quality of life for our clients and families. For example, when a client wants to stand and walk, as difficult as it may be, we will try to make this happen as long as it does not compromise safety.  In my practice, I also find and have taken the lead from others, that to give a little of my personality, while being professional at the same time, results in the best performance by the clients.”
Lara.pngLara Dobbins
Advanced Practice Leader, Nursing Professional Practice

“I chose the career of nursing to have a positive impact on people during their most challenging and vulnerable times. There are endless opportunities within nursing to create positive change in both small and large ways. Although there are many challenges, there is something so fulfilling about working together as a team to provide excellent patient care.

I am inspired by the frontline staff who continue to show up for our patients each and every day, despite the challenging work conditions and the complexity of the health care environment. I am inspired by those who strive to do their best and provide the best care possible despite the challenges.

I hope I can inspire future nurses to persevere through the difficult times health care is facing currently as I truly believe that positive change is possible and is coming. I am thankful to have been mentored and guided by wonderful, strong and intelligent women during my time at Baycrest and I hope in the future, I can do the same for others.”
CJ-and-Angelina.pngChristian “CJ” Domantay and Angelina Dangue
A.M & P.M Personal Support Worker Team Lead, St. Elizabeth Healthcare at Baycrest Terraces

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.
Being surrounded by amazing clients, a very supportive manager, kind co-workers and fabulous staff at the Baycrest Terraces makes me inspired to stay for many years in service.”

Leslie.pngLeslie Shafran
Manager & Interprofessional Practice Chief – Social Work, Speech Language Pathology & Registered Dietitians

“As a world leader in the advancement of geriatric research and care, it has always been my dream to join the leadership team at Baycrest, and to support the professions I am so passionate about. I am fortunate to lead the Social Work, Registered Dietitian and Speech-Language Pathology teams at Baycrest, and my passion is to empower them as they revolutionize the way clinical care is provided for older adults.
I am inspired by the strong, intelligent, innovative and diverse women who lead the operational and professional practice teams here at Baycrest, and by female healthcare leaders across the world who seek to transform the way healthcare is provided.
I am hoping to inspire other allied health professionals to advocate for change in the way healthcare is provided to older adults, and to inspire others to be innovative in the way they approach interprofessional collaborative practice and leadership.”
Samantha.pngDr. Samantha Yau
Director, Interprofessional Practice and Pharmacy

“I've been inspired by many female leaders because I think it is still a challenge to be a woman in leadership. I've always been impressed with leaders who are authentic and embrace being a female leader.
In healthcare, the majority of the workforce is generally women, but when you step into leadership positions, the percentages and the proportions of that changes. I would love to be able to inspire learners and clinicians to step into leadership roles. I don’t know that people who are newer to the profession can see themselves in leadership positions.

I hope that I can inspire all women to really be able to strive and achieve their full potential, because I do think there hesitation and this due to a lack of confidence. I hope that I think we can see this shift.

What stands out at Baycrest is the people. Since I've been here, I have been very be impressed with how teams come together to support one another, for an initiative or patient care.  Baycrest embraces interprofessional collaborative practice.”
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