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February 01, 2023 On behalf of our staff, physicians, students, volunteers, clients and their families, please join me in honouring Baycrest’s Therapeutic Recreation staff during Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month and Psychology staff during Psychology Month.
Leisure is an important aspect of care for clients, residents and patients at Baycrest regardless of ability. Therapeutic Recreation services are proudly offered across the organization and can also be accessed by clients within many different areas of care. Therapeutic Recreation plays a valuable role in promoting wellness through leisure for individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social limitations. The services provided ensure that clients maintain or improve their current skills and knowledge, which will allow them to be as independent as possible, to enjoy their leisure optimally and to participate as fully as possible in society. This year’s Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month slogan is "Therapeutic Recreation: Let Your Passions Flow!”

Psychology is the science of the mind: who we are, why we do the things we do, and how we feel. February is Psychology month, which is a good opportunity to remind us how much psychology is woven into the fabric of Baycrest. More than ever, psychology is a key part of the care and treatment of our aging population. Psychologists are at the forefront of the measurement of behaviour, including thinking and memory, which is so important to the diagnosis of dementia. Baycrest psychologists help clients maximize their brain health. In cases of brain impairment, they are there for patients and families to help with coping and planning. Baycrest psychologists also provide therapy for people dealing with extreme emotions, relationships and life stressors.
Psychology is a science, and psychologists at the Baycrest Academy, in collaboration with other researchers, are world leaders in the science of how the brain works, and sharing that knowledge across Baycrest and around the globe. For more information about psychology at Baycrest, go to and
Please, take a moment to say "thank you" to the psychology staff and therapeutic recreation staff on your teams in recognition of all the great work they do.
Scott Ovenden
President and CEO, Baycrest Hospital and Long Term Care Home
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