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Baycrest is one of the world’s pre-eminent distributors of knowledge on best practices in care for older adults. As we work to defeat dementia, we are also educating the next generation of healthcare providers, locally and globally, and creating innovative, technology-based virtual education in response to the evolving needs of our learners.

Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto (U of T), Baycrest has an extensive clinical training program in geriatric care. We have trained thousands of students and practitioners from over 50 universities and colleges to deliver high quality care alongside leading experts who are focused on the diseases of aging and care of older adults.

Each year we provide students with practical on-site training in almost every healthcare discipline. More than 180 of our staff hold academic appointments at the University of Toronto and/or other partner universities, colleges and institutes in Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Social Work and Rehabilitation Sciences, among others.

Baycrest hosts a number of provincial, national and international educational programs each year and we are a hub for global tele-education in aging, collaborating with institutions around the world. We provide educational programs for staff, clients, families, and caregivers as well as the general public.

Educational Annual Report 2020-2021 Educational Annual Report 2021-2022
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