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Information regarding the diagnosis

NIH Senior Health (Video) (USA)
  • List various symptoms associated with dementia and outlines how dementia is diagnosed. Provides video on information used to diagnosis someone with dementia.
Alzheimer Australia (Australia)
  • Provides information about early warning signs of dementia and importance of early diagnosis.
Alzheimer Society Ontario (Canada)
  • Describes the process by which diagnosis are done. Provides information on how you can coping with the diagnosis and helping your family understand the diagnosis.
Alzheimer's association (USA)
  • Provides information on how to deal with a diagnosis and the emotional impact that diagnosis of dementia can have on families and individuals. Also list possible questions to ask the doctor regarding the diagnosis.
Alzheimer Society Ottawa and Renfrew County (Canada)
  • Highlights the importance of early diagnosis through video. Provides 10 benefits of early diagnosis.