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Cogniciti (Canada)
  • Provide simple tips on maintaining a healthy brain to reduce the risk of developing dementia
NIH Senior Health (USA)
  • Lists different ways of reducing the risk of developing dementia
National Institute on Aging (USA)
  • Provides information regarding risk factor that increase of developing dementia and links to other webpage that provide information on how to prevent dementia.
National Institute on Aging (USA)
  • Prevention strategies to maintain a healthy brain.
Alzheimer's Society (UK)
  • Provides information regarding different prevention strategies and their effectiveness in reducing risk of developing dementia.
Fountain of Health (Canada)
  • Translates current science of healthy aging, wellbeing and resilience, and offers practical tools to improve health outcomes over the lifespan.

Additional Links

Baycrest (Canada)
  • Book - Dementia: A Caregiver's Guide
FreeDem Films (Video) (Ireland)
  • Multiple creative videos on variety of dementia related topics.