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211 Toronto (Canada)
  • Able to search for services within Toronto that can help you with your daily activities.
Toronto Dementia Network (Canada)
  • Lists different organizations that provide services and programs related to dementia in Toronto.
Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Online support group for individual suffering dementia can communicate with each other
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • A Canadian online support group for individuals suffering from dementia.
The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (USA)
  • Information regarding support groups within Ontario to discuss frontotemporal or early onset dementia.

Financial support

Living with Dementia (Canada)
  • Helps with planning for the future through providing advice on power of attorney, financial planning and end of life care support.
NHS Health Scotland (Video) (UK)
  • Short film highlights importance of financial planning for the future.

Advance directives/ End-of-Life Care

Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Gives tips and strategies to help plan for end of life care.
Baycrest (Canada)
  • Provides information on advance care planning and provide a guide to end of life care.
Alzheimer's Society (Canada)
  • Information and resources on end of life care for individual suffering from dementia

Driving/Safety Issues

Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Provides information on driving while suffering from dementia and using other transportation methods. Also give information on how to cope with loss of independence if one loses ability to drive safely.
NIH Senior Health (USA)
  • Gives tips on making the home environment safe and on driving safely within the community.
Older Driver Safety (Canada)
  • Lists warning signs to identify signs of unsafe driving.