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Information regarding the disease

NIH Senior Health (USA)
  • Provides brief overview of dementia and factors that contribute to development of dementia.
Alzheimer Society Ontario (Video) (Canada)
  • Describes the difference between normal aging v.s. dementia. Provides tips on how to deal with normal aging related memory problems.
Alzheimer Society Ottawa and Renfrew County (Video) (Canada)
  • Describes the difference between dementia and Alzheimer. Also provides detailed information about dementia in terms of the causes, treatment, and development of the disease. Information also available in video format.
NHS Health Scotland (Video) (UK)
  • A short film explaining dementia in terms of the types of dementia, treatment, effect on people and the progression of disease. Also provides the information in text format.
Alzheimer Society Toronto (Video) (Canada)
  • Video provides a brief overview of dementia in an visually creative manner.
FreeDem Films (Video) (Ireland)
  • Multiple creative videos on variety of dementia related topics.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Cogniciti (Canada)
  • Free Brain health assessment to provide information on your risk for developing dementia
Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Provides information on symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors and treatment for Mild cognitive impairment.
National Institute of Aging (USA)
  • Brief overview of Mild Cognitive impairment and compares difference between normal aging and Alzheimer's disease.
MAYO Clinic (USA)
  • Detailed overview of Mild cognitive impairment. Provides information on symptoms, question to ask the doctor and available treatments.
Center for Gerontology (PDF Booklet) (USA)
  • Easy to read guide provides information on Signs & symptoms, Seeking diagnosis, medications, and strategies to deal with memory loss.