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The Memory Link Handbook: a Memory Intervention Method for Acquired Brain Injury

The inability to form new memories is a common consequence of acquired brain injury, and is associated with a variety of conditions such as aneurysm, stroke, infection, hydrocephalus, herpes encephalitis, Wernicke-Korsakoff’s syndrome, cerebral anoxia, and non-progressive brain tumor.

Individuals challenged by moderate to severe memory impairment often have decreased functional independence – they may have difficulties remembering appointments, to take medication, or to make it to social engagements. The Memory Link method trains alternate intact learning systems to compensate for expressed memory difficulties with the goal being to improve day-to-day functioning and independence. The Memory Link method was developed at Baycrest; it has demonstrated effectiveness through several peer-reviewed research publications, and is continuously being evaluated and updated by its team.

The Memory Link Handbook is the first comprehensive memory rehabilitation package to be made available for this group of individuals, based on years of learning and memory research.

The book is organized into four main sections:

  1. The nature of memory and memory dysfunction
  2. Training – a detailed guide on how to apply the Memory Link method for learning new skills
  3. Supportive groups
  4. Memory Link success stories

How to order

The Memory Link Handbook is available for purchase and costs $100.00 (plus shipping and handling). Please visit the Baycrest e-store or contact us at (416) 785-2500 x2445 for order inquiries.

Resources for Memory Link training

If you have purchased the Memory Link Handbook and are interested in resources for learning the Memory Link Method, including training videos and record forms, please contact Dr. Brandon Vasquez at