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"Oh, you’re all like doctors. You give us injections of happiness." — Participant, Baycrest resident The Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation: Discover Dance initiative is a specialized health and wellness dance program developed to provide an opportunity for people with dementia to access dance and enjoy its benefits.

A joint venture between Baycrest and Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS), this program is designed to provide an accessible and enjoyable dance program for people with dementia and their caregivers.

Baycrest and NBS are currently piloting a teacher training program for experienced dance instructors to provide them with the preparation and skills to facilitate the NBS-Baycrest dance program in their own communities. Baycrest’s expertise in seniors’ healthcare combined with NBS’ excellence in dance programming and teacher training is serving to provide a meaningful, safe and scalable dance program for this population.

Research and outcomes will be measured as the program develops, and learnings from this pilot will inform the development of future training programs.