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National Institute on Aging (USA)
  • Gives information about how to reduce risk that might increase the chance of developing dementia.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Provides activities you can do to keep you brain active and healthy. In addition, gives food recipes and fitness tips to help keep the brain active.
Alzheimer Society (UK)
  • Provide evidence based information regarding potential ways of preventing the development of dementia.
NHS Health Scotland (UK) (Video)
  • Informative video on caring for yourself and how to cope with the difficulties of begin a carer for a family member suffering from dementia.
Medline Plus (USA)
  • Gives multiple links to different resources to help you cope with the difficulties of providing care and stay healthy
Baycrest (Canada)
  • Provides information to caregivers regarding on how to manage behaviour changes, take care of one's self, and providing care at home.
Fountain of Health (Canada)
  • Translates current science of healthy aging, wellbeing and resilience, and offers practical tools to improve health outcomes over the lifespan.

Support Services

Baycrest (Canada)
  • Koschitzky Centre provides caregivers with support services to cope with the physical and emotional demands of caring for someone.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • First link is service that connects you to support services and provides education to help manage the changes that occur as result of dementia.
The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (USA)
  • Information regarding support groups within Ontario to discuss frontotemporal or early onset dementia.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Gives tips on how to receive emotional support.
Alzheimer's Society (UK)
  • Online discussion room to talk about dementia and caregiving issues
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Caregiver forum to receive advice and support to deal with the daily challenges of caregiving.
Alzheimer's and Dementia Weekly (USA)
  • Provides articles on dementia and up-to-date information on current advancement in care for dementia.
Living with Dementia (Canada)
  • Provides information about accessing education and social services, home care and respite care within the community for the care provider.
Toronto Dementia Network (Canada)
  • List different organization the provide services and programs related to dementia in Toronto.
Champlain Healthline (Canada)
  • Provides list of different support services available within Ottawa area. Also gives resources and information about dementia.
Living with dementia (Canada)
  • Helps you find information about housing options that are available to make an informed decision.

Managing stress

NIH Senior Health (USA)
  • Provide tips on taking care of yourself physically and mentally to prevent you from being overwhelmed or stressed out as a caregiver.
Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Gives information on caregiver depression and provides coping tips to manage it effectively.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Tips on reducing stress in your daily life.