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NIH Senior Health (USA)
  • Provides information regarding medication necessary to deal with the symptoms of dementia.
Health Talk (Video) (UK)
  • Short films describing from personal experience the different medication and treatment methods used to deal with the symptoms of dementia.
Alzheimer's Australia (Australia)
  • Describes in detail the different types of medications available to deal with the various symptoms. Also gives a list of questions that can be asked health professionals.
Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Provides list of different types of medication used and explain the process behind how they have help with reducing the symptoms associated with dementia.
National Institute on Aging (USA)
  • Provides a list of different types of drugs for dementia and how they work and the common side effects.
Baycrest (Canada)
  • Gives information regarding using medication to treat behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.
Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Discusses potential future medication breakthroughs on the horizon to manage dementia

Alternative treatments

Your Brain Matters (Australia)
  • List 5 different steps to maintain an healthy brain to reduce symptoms of dementia.
Alzheimer's Australia (Australia)
  • Provides list of alternative treatments and discuss the potential benefit and disadvantages of using natural treatments. Also provides a list of questions to ask health care provides regarding alternative treatments.
Alzheimer's Association (USA)
  • Describes the various alternative treatment that exist in the marketplace. Discuss the potential draw backs of using alternative treatments.

Behavioural management techniques (Caregiver)

Health Talk - Video (UK)
  • Strategies from care providers to manage symptoms of those suffering from dementia. Also provides tips on how to deal with difficult behavioural situations.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Comprehensive guide on understanding behaviours of individuals suffering from dementia. Provides tips on communicating and has video series discussing major behaviour changes and provides strategies to manage them. The guide is also available in multiple languages.
Alzheimer Society (Canada)
  • Provides information on how to respond to dementia related behaviour and gives simples strategies to manage behaviour.
National Institute of Aging (USA)
  • Explains different behaviours and provides tips to manage those behaviours. Gives tips on communication. The information is available in easy to read PDF format.
National Institute on Aging (PDF Booklet) (USA)
  • Booklet on understanding individual that are suffering from dementia . Provides coping strategies to deal with the challenges care provider face while providing care.