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Sabrina Teles Sabrina Teles, Baycrest volunteer
I have been a volunteer at Baycrest for just over two years now and have been lucky enough to be a part of the PLEASE (Programme for Leisure Engagement for Active and Spontaneous Experiences) recreational therapy program since its inception. It has been such a rewarding journey. Not only has it been rewarding from an educational aspect but from a personal one as well. I have been inspired to attend the University of Waterloo to complete a Master of Arts in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a focus in health and well-being.

I have gained so much knowledge that I will carry with me along my professional trajectory in the field of geriatrics. I have also made such amazing friendships, not only with other volunteers and staff but with the residents. I consider them my friends and look forward to seeing them every Friday morning while taking part in a number of activities and sharing many laughs.

The PLEASE program is such a beneficial program for everyone involved and I am looking forward to watching it continue to grow. That being said, my vision for the future of aging in the next century is centred around the development and expansion of recreational therapy, specifically the PLEASE program. I am hopeful that it will be shared and implemented in long-term care facilities and hospitals worldwide.

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