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October 04, 2022 Dear Colleagues,
October is a significant month for recognizing some of the critical professionals who empower our work at Baycrest. On behalf of our staff, students, volunteers, clients and their families, please join me in honouring our Occupational Therapy staff during Occupational Therapy Month and our Spiritual Care staff during Spiritual Care Week (October 23-29). This is an opportunity for us to reflect on and appreciate the leadership and commitment of these professionals and acknowledge their contributions in healthcare, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Occupational Therapy Month:
October is Occupational Therapy Month and throughout the month, we celebrate the occupational therapists and the occupational therapy/physiotherapy assistants who are dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of the clients, patients and residents of Baycrest, as well as their families and other care partners. This year the theme of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists is Opportunity + Choice = Justice. The work of our occupational therapy teams is a shining example of this theme, enabling choice for those they work with, advocating for the opportunities that each of us needs in order to lead fulfilling lives, and being the best representatives that they can be for justice, for everyone.
Spiritual Care Week:
During Spiritual Care Week (October 23-29, 2022) we acknowledge an invaluable clinical discipline that uses spiritually integrated psychotherapy purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support a sense of meaning, purpose, coping, health and well-being among clients, patients, residents, family members and staff. This year's theme is Relevant and Responsive in Times of Crises. The role of Spiritual Caregivers was exemplified during the COVID-19 pandemic when chaplains and spiritual caregivers rose to the occasion and utilized their expertise, in ethics consultations, modes of delivery in telehealth, caregiving to frontline staff, and modalities of coping with stress. Spiritual caregivers are responsive and relevant every day, everywhere, and in every situation. To learn more, please read the latest Rabbinic Reflections blog post on the Baycrest intranet.
Please join me in recognizing these exceptional groups of staff for the tremendous role they play in the lives of those we serve each and every day.
Scott Ovenden
President and CEO, Baycrest Hospital and Long Term Care Home
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