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Ontario CLRI’s Virtual Internships in Innovation & Aging

The Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in LTC at Baycrest is excited to offer students enrolled in postsecondary healthcare programs the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in gerontological practices.

The 2021 internship will be completely virtual, offering undergraduate students opportunities to actively participate in small group learning focused on aging, clinical issues in gerontology, and interprofessional competencies. Working collaboratively, interns will develop a better understanding of aging and develop competencies in seniors care through daily interaction in ALPHA – a simulation and game-based Accelerator for Learning Inter-Professionally in Healthcare App. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to engage with residents. Interns will also be teamed with a mentor and will participate in an innovative project. To learn more about the internship, watch a video produced by our interns in collaboration with the Toronto International Film Festival Reel Comfort Program at: 

A Virtual Experience with Real Impact

Come experience Baycrest and be part of the next generation of health clinician leaders in gerontology and aging!

The 2021 Ontario CLRI Virtual Internships in Innovation & Aging offer 4-week temporary paid positions. Interns will be paid an hourly minimum wage up to 27.5 hours per week. There are two 4-week term internships

Cohort 1: May 31st – June 30th
Cohort 2: July 5th – July 30th
  • Terms of Virtual Internship
    • Work Mondays through Fridays in a virtual setting –includes mandatory daily sessions (up to 3 hours daily)
    • Must complete the full 4 weeks of the internship
    • Develop a learning plan and to engage in self-study
    • Engage effectively with interns, educators, mentors and guests, demonstrating competence in interprofessional communication, collaboration, value and ethics
    • Contribute to an innovative project that will be presented to theBaycrest community
    • Participate actively in all learning opportunities, including weekly reflections and evaluation of the internship
    • Complete daily, weekly and team objectives/goals assigned in ALPHA
  • How to Apply
    1. Review Eligibility Requirements and Dates of Internships
      Ensure availability and all requirements are met.
    2. Application Submission
      Prepare and record a 2- minute video explaining your interest and future career goals in the field of aging and why you are a good fit for this internship (i.e., an ‘elevator pitch’).
      Complete online application and upload video and résumé along with academic transcript.
    3. Reference Submission/s
      Qualified applications will be notified to provide contact information for 2 references.
  • Selection Process
    1. Short Virtual Interview
      A short list of qualified candidates will be contacted to conduct a short virtual interview.
    2. Successful Candidates
      Successful interns will be notified by April 2, 2021.
  • Who is eligible?

    At the time of application, students must be enrolled in an Ontario academic institution in an undergraduate degree program relating to a health care profession (e.g., health sciences, nursing, medicine, social work, psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, food and nutrition and therapeutic recreation**). 

    By the internship start date, applicants must have completed at least half of their program (e.g., for a 4-year program, you will have completed at least 2 years of the program by the start of the internship).

    Applicants must be permanent residents or citizens of Canada studying in Ontario.

    **Applicants from a therapeutic recreation college program must have a prior undergraduate degree and/or extensive clinical/volunteer experience.

    Note: This internship will be 100% virtual. Successful candidates will be required to have the appropriate technology to participate in all activities – internet access/data plan, personal computer access, webcam and microphone.

  • Why intern at Baycrest?
    • Explore and learn about aging, the fastest growing field in healthcare
    • Apply knowledge to simulated scenarios
    • Add excellent experience to your résumé
    • Make contacts and expand your network
    • Explore career options, including exposure to geriatric professionals
    • Enjoy flexible and practical benefits of a virtual environment, including day-to-day learning opportunities and mentorship
    • Interact and learn from residents, students, educators and leaders in the field
  • What is ALPHA?
    The Accelerator for Learning Inter-Professionally in Healthcare App (ALPHA) is a simulation, coaching and community platform that provides a virtual space with simulated cases and learning activities for teams and individuals to practice caring for virtual patients or residents. ALPHA offers easy to access, high quality training for health care teams and students.

    The software uses simulation and case-based learning grounded in a serious educational game.  Innovative education strategies foster effective, interactive and motivated learning. Students will apply what they learn to real-world resident simulations. Learners are supported to build competencies and thereby advance through different levels of the game to take on new challenges. Learners are invited to collaborate and compete with each other through point and virtual cash systems. There are many opportunities to rehearse skills and feedback and rewards are provided while achieving learning outcomes.
  • The Ontario CLRI at Baycrest
    The Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI) enhance quality of life and care for residents across the province. The Ontario CLRI is mandated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care to be a resource for the sector by providing education and sharing research and innovations to enhance the health and well-being of people who live and work in long-term care.The Ontario CLRI is funded by the Government of Ontario and hosted at Baycrest Health Sciences, Bruyère, and the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging. The collective expertise, resources and partnerships of the host organizations help advance the Program’s provincially mandated goals.

Applications Open Feb 16, 2021