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Summer Internships

It’s that time again! The Baycrest Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care is excited to offer students enrolled in undergraduate health professions programs the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a long-term care teaching home through a paid summer internship.

Over seven weeks, successful candidates will actively participate in small group learning focused on aging, clinical issues in gerontology, evaluation techniques and inter-professional competencies. Interns will engage in, and further their understanding of, the practice setting by learning alongside healthcare providers, attending clinical rounds, being paired with a resident and engaging in arts-based and game-based learning.

Interns will also be teamed with a mentor and participate in a program evaluation, quality improvement, or innovation project. This internship will include opportunities to network, job shadow, and observe first-hand the role that both individual disciplines, as well as inter-professional collaboration, plays across the continuum of geriatric services at Baycrest.

Come experience Baycrest and be part of the next generation of health clinician leaders in gerontology and aging!

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  • Why Intern at Baycrest?
    • Explore and learn about aging, the fastest growing field in healthcare
    • Apply knowledge to the ‘real’ clinical world
    • Develop program evaluation, library and evidence-based practice skills
    • Add excellent experience to your résumé
    • Make contacts and expand your network
    • Explore career options, including job shadowing
  • Key Dates

    Applications accepted until March 09, 2018
    Most decisions will be made by: April 13, 2018
    Start date: July 03, 2018
    Duration: 7 weeks, finishing August 17, 2018

  • Eligibility
    • At the time of application, students must be enrolled in an academic institution in an undergraduate degree program relating to a health care profession (e.g., nursing, medicine, social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, recreation therapy, pharmacy).
    • Applicants must be permanent residents or citizens of Canada studying in Ontario
    • Applicants should have a demonstrated interest and related experience in the field of aging
    • At a minimum, students must be currently completing the first year of the program; students in subsequent years of the program are strongly encouraged to apply
    • A police reference check including vulnerable sector screen must have been conducted by a police force in the student’s municipality of residence no more than 6 months prior to July 1, 2018. (Note: For Toronto residents, because it can take more than 8 weeks between submitting a vulnerable sector screen request and receiving the completed screen, we recommend that the screen request be submitted by mid-April; a certified cheque may accelerate the processing of the screen request).
    • Documented proof of a 2 step TB skin test will be required. 
    Terms of Summer Internship
    • Interns will be expected to complete the full 7 week term
    • Interns will be expected to work full-time Mondays through Fridays (with the exception of statutory holidays)
    • Interns will be paid an hourly minimum wage (up to 35 hours per week)
    • Interns will be required to develop a learning plan and to engage in self-study
    • Interns will be required to attend all class sessions, activities and rounds 
    • Interns will be required to produce an evidence-based fact sheet dispelling a myth about aging
    • Interns will be required to work on a project and to present the project experience to the Baycrest community
    • Interns will be required to participate in weekly blogs and in the evaluation of the internship
  • How To Apply

    Checklist: The following documents are required in Word or PDF format. Applications with missing documents will not be accepted.

    • An up-to-date résumé that highlights accomplishments, initiative and creativity, as well as interprofessional, leadership and organizational skills using the following headers in the order specified:
      • Contact Information: Name, permanent/ sessional mailing addresses, school/personal email addresses, home/cell phone numbers
      • Career Goals: Short and long-term goals
      • Education: Current program and university, previous degrees, diplomas and certifications
      • Clinical Placements: supervised student placements/co-ops in clinical settings
      • Work Experience
      • Volunteer Experience: professional and community-based volunteer activities
      • Leadership Experience
      • Academic Awards
      • Other Awards
      • Presentations and Publications
      • Other Scholarly Activities
      • Memberships
      • Other headers as needed
    • A personal statement of interest in the internship (max. 300 words) describing:
      • interest in gerontology and aging
      • past experiences in gerontology and the field of aging
      • any past work experience in research and program evaluation
      • the relevance of the internship to your future career goals
      • a brief summary (in 2-3 sentences) about the aging topic or myth that interests you for an evidence-based fact sheet
    • One letter of reference from a supervisor or academic referee describing the applicant’s reliability and flexibility, leadership potential, interpersonal and communication skills and suitability for being involved in a geriatric healthcare setting.
    • Current transcript or grade reports (‘issued to student’ or unofficial versions accepted)

    To Submit an Application

    Please address the application to: Dr. Raquel Meyer, Manager, Baycrest Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation.

    Please email your application and direct questions to: Tania Aragona at
    Thank you for your interest in this internship program. Only those candidates being considered for the internship will be contacted. 
  • Summer 2014 Interns and Projects

    During the summer of 2014, our interns took advantage of a wide range of activities and experiences at Baycrest, which informed their final projects and deliverables.

    Read the 2014 CLRI interns’ bios

  • Intern Testimonials

    Prior to this internship, I had minimal experience in working with the elderly. The most attractive aspect of this opportunity was the chance to learn and work with the rapidly growing geriatric population, which I knew, would greatly prepare me for my career in physiotherapy. As a recent graduate from the University of Toronto Kinesiology Program, the knowledge, experience and connections I gained from this 6-week internship were invaluable. We engaged in a discussion series regarding many clinical and organizational aspects of caring for the elderly within the long-term care sector, attained first-hand program evaluation experience, participated in the Geriatric Training Program with staff and gained hands-on experience with residents. We also shadowed healthcare professionals to learn about their career paths and to explore our future job interests. I highly recommend this internship – whether you’ve just completed freshman year and have a desire to explore the field of aging, or if you are already committed to specializing in geriatrics. This internship surpassed all my expectations! Baycrest is truly where learning happens and offers a stepping stone to any healthcare profession.

    -Fiona Yam, 2014 Intern

    “My experience with the LRI internship began in July 2013. I was not sure what to expect and at most hoped to become more exposed to geriatric residents and understand what geriatrics was all about. Even after the internship, I still cannot digest everything that I had learned. I became an active member of an interprofessional group of interns. On a daily basis I was exposed to Baycrest staff who educated me about their role, their challenges and where geriatrics is heading. I shadowed PSWs, physicians, nurses and other staff who took the time to talk to me and describe what they did. I began to understand how immensely important this field is and, more importantly, how important it will become in the future with the aging population. I listened to Baycrest’s CEO, Dr. Bill Reichman, speak about all the innovative research projects that are occurring right at Baycrest, the number of teaching and learning opportunities, and Baycrest’s international presence.

    My views and ideas about what geriatrics has now changed. Completely. I truly wish that each one of my med school classmates and fellow healthcare professionals was as fortunate as I was to have had this summer at Baycrest.”

    -Anastasia Prokubovskaya, LRI Intern

    “I was an LRI intern during the summer of 2012. I had just completed my second year of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto prior to commencement of the internship. What initially attracted me to the internship was its focus on geriatrics, as I knew that one day, the bulk of the patients using the healthcare system would be older adults. Over the course of the internship, Baycrest really exposed me to various aspects of geriatrics, but I think one of my favourite parts was being able to shadow the different healthcare professionals and learning about how they modify their practice to better cater to the needs of an aging patient population. This internship is truly one-of-a-kind and I was glad to be a part of it.”

    -Selina Yim, LRI Intern

    “I completed the LRI internship program in the summer of 2012, and found it to be an amazing experience! During this internship, I was responsible for evaluating both the initial development of the LRI and the internship program itself. This project allowed me to gain further knowledge in program evaluation and program planning. I found the lectures on geriatric issues by experts in the field very informative and enlightening, with information that will prove to be very useful as I enter my nursing career. I would recommend the LRI internship to any students considering a career in geriatrics!”

    -Amanda Allen, LRI Intern

To Submit An Application:

Please address the application to: Dr. Raquel Meyer, Manager, Baycrest Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation. Please email your application and direct questions to Tania Aragona at

Thank you for your interest in this internship program. Only those candidates being considered for the internship will be contacted.