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The past decade has seen a shift in attitudes regarding health and wellness. We’re all taking a more holistic view of what it means to age well, and have a better understanding of the vital importance of engaging in activities that bring meaning and purpose and tap into our strengths and creative abilities.

At Baycrest, our donors have helped us integrate the arts into healthcare – as therapy to help with recovery and also as a tool to help people stay healthy, active and engaged because:
  • Involvement in the arts improves mood, reduces social isolation and contributes to overall well-being. Research indicates that people who are physically active, cognitively stimulated and relatively free of anxiety might reduce their risk of dementia.
  • The need to offer these programs and ensure they are providing maximum benefit for brain and physical health will only grow as the population ages.  An estimated 15 per cent of the Canadian population is 65-plus now; that will rise to more than 22 per cent by 2030.